iSpy…The Queen in Atlanta


Featured in Altanta Homes Magazine, this exhilarating 4,000-square-foot Atlanta abode designed by the uber talented Kristin Kong compromises a plethora of patterned filled rooms alive with vibrant colour. Winding our way through the Peachtree Battle properties fluid spaces, we sighted a spectacular original artwork by collage artist Piers Bourke floating over the watercolour waves of Zoffany’s amethyst-hued Umi dreamy! 


Maliazima Krisitn Kong Peachtree Battle20265


Balanced with neutral toned and textured soft furnishings including a velvet BSC Coco sofa, Bourke's resplendent royal artwork ‘Lick My Rear’ is accompanied by various other virtues from the homeowners art collection including this Hèrmes-inspired piece by Singapore Artist Andre Tan, inducing and electrifying energy in the room. 


Maliazima Krisitn Kong Peachtree Battle20517


Kristin Kong Peachtree Battle 225410


Unique and reflective of the proprietor’s personalties, Kong comments “The family was really interested in design and brought their own perspectives and worldliness to the project…That’s the secret to style: The home should reflect the personality of the people who live there”. We couldn't agree more!  


Maliazima Krisitn Kong Peachtree Battle20478


Maliazima Krisitn Kong Peachtree Battle20491


You can head over to to sneak a peek at the rest of the rooms.