iSpy…Piers Bourke Soon To Be Removed


Last week contemporary collage artist Piers Bourke travelled to the modern city of Bangalore in the deep Indian South, to witness the unveiling of his colonnade perspex pillar instillation; Soon To Be Removed Anglo-Indian series, at The Waverly Hotel.


Piers Bourke Bangalore2


The brilliant and bright red, white and blue collaged works exist as an extension of Bourke’s original Soon To Be Removed series; which pays homage to the traditional British landmark in light of its decommission by BT, ‘updating’ its telephone box red for more modern colours. Hanging above the desk in the funky reception room above a checkered black and white tile floor, the works will wow as you come through the door.


Piers Bourke Bangalore1


When the lights go out, wait and see the works from a new perspective…. In true Piers Bourke tounge-and-cheek style, they’re finished with handmade glow in the dark chewing gum!