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What were your 2016 New Year’s resolutions? 

Haha, I’m not sure I had any…(sorry)


Have you made any resolutions for this year? If so, what are they?

Yes I have this year: to read more books and to read less about football.


Have you broken any yet?

Yes, because I haven’t started reading anything yet, any suggestions would be welcomed…


Piers Bourke Bangalore2


What were the most significant moments for you in 2016? List the top three. 

1- Isaac our third son was born...the 5 a side football team is nearly complete!

2- Working in India (on my Soon to be Removed commission for The Waverly Hotel

3- Understanding that relaxing is the key component to get the best out of myself.


Lee Ufan 14 From Winds 1987


Lee Ufan 01 2013 Musee De La Chasse Photo Fabrice Seixas


Who was your biggest inspiration in 2017?

Discovering and seeing the work of Korean Artist Lee Ufan; truly remarkable work and inspires me to get better every time I am in the studio.


What was the most important thing you learned last year, and how will you apply it in the coming year?

I discovered that if you believe you are on the right lines you must not get distracted from carrying out your plan. Life tries to blow you off course but falling off and getting back on is the basic component of producing great work.


Piers Bourke Brids Studio


Piers Bourke Birds Stamps


Is there a standout work from last year that you’re most proud of? 

Yes my new Stamp Bird Series which as taken all year. For some reason I couldn’t leave them alone, I just kept coming back to them every time I went into the studio, so I hope it has been worth it…


What are your 2017 art goals? 

To carry on making great work of which people are familiar with but also to keep pushing and not stand still. I have also started a new series of pure paintings rather than mixed media. This allows me to be more experimental and progressive in learning about new techniques, especially so because of living in Asia, where there is so much to learn. Too many ideas and not enough time!


How will you celebrate your successes (big and small) in the coming year, and who will you share these special moments with?

By drinking even more margaritas with my amazing wife. It is also our 10-year wedding anniversary this year, so big celebrations all round. We are just planning a trip to mark the occasion, so a lot to look forward to.


 If you could travel in time, what advice would you give to yourself this time last year?

Just chill out and not be too hard on myself - things usually work out alright.