Jonathan Yeo’s Cara Study I


Concerned with exploring contemporary culture on canvas with highly saturated hues alongside scintillating flesh tones painter Jonathan Yeo has established himself as one of the worlds leading figurative artists. Pushing the limits of portraiture he juxtaposes abstracted under-painting against highly finished faces to question the relevance of the genre in the modern day, and undermine the photographic assumption that what we see is what we get…


“I like elements of abstraction and uncertainty: it’s never resolved, and photography is not how we see things. I want to get closer to how we see an image' Jonathan Yeo


Jonathan Yeo Cara I Goggles Lightbox


Having -worked with some of the worlds most famous faces (think Kevin Spacey, Dennis Hopper, Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, Tony Blair) it was unsurprising when the prolific portraitist added the runways Cara Delavigne to the list in 2014; opposing Warhol’s printed portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, Yeo offers a veritable vision of the modern woman in-control of her self(ie) in the age of the internet. Refracting the rectangular format of Warhol’s square works Yeo exploits our familiarity with formats of 21st Century image sharing platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…) and adds weight to this poignant societal study.


Jonathan Yeo Damien Hirst Lightbox


Damien Hirst compared Yeo to ‘Turner strapping himself to the ship’s mast in order to create a true likeness of a storm, time and time again he achieves what should be impossible: creating a true picture, an image or a glimpse, of people we think we know and those we’ve never met’


Jonathan Yeo Cara Study I Lightbox


Going under the hammer at Sotheby’s Day Edition’s auction last week Jonathan Yeo’s Cara Study I exceeded estimates to reach a whopping £100,000; and although the two icons (Yeo behind the brush, and Cara in oil) are en route to their new home, we’re delighted to announce the arrival of the limited edition, hand signed artwork right here at Loughran Gallery. If you’d like more information on Jonathan Yeo’s Cara Study I, or any of our other artists or artworks please don’t hesitate to get in touch.