Unearthly Art In A Celestial Setting


Evident in the myriad midcentury and contemporary pieces mixed with Asiatic and Middle Eastern influence, Lebanese jewellery designer Noor Fares and her artist husband Alexandre Al Khawam have poured their heart and soul into the creation of their cobblestone home; a collaborative artistic pursuit, Fares comments “We had so much fun making mood boards and combining everything we love.”


Noor Incidentals 01 Copy


Noor Incidentals 15 Copy


Believing in beauty but also placing emphasis on objects with depth and deep meaning an assortment of artifacts accumulated on her travels exist amongst a jumble of texture, colour and pattern that probably shouldn’t work, reflecting the jewellers innate individualist style inherited from her mother Hala (also an artist), “I always play with textures and colors. I don’t really have rules”, she says.


0916 Wm Prof 12


Inspired by the infinite cycle of life (an enquiry which also galvanizes her latest jewelry line) we love the collimation of lunar artworks by Luca Missoni hung in her hallway. Smaller in scale their unearthly beauty calls to mind the works of Charlie Barton, proximate to the cluster of unrelated objects we think one of her planet paintings would look astronomical in a similar setting… 


Noor Portraits 04 Copy


Charlie Barton Io Lightbox


Charlie Barton Artemis Installation 1


You can find out more about Fares and her beautiful bijouterie at http://noorfares.com/