Chris Levine at Wilderness Festival


At around 10PM in a field somewhere in rural Oxfordshire last Saturday night, hordes of glitter clad, welly-boot-wearing boys and girls made their way to the main stage at Wilderness Festival for a cosmic incarnation of light and sound.


Chris Levine Wildnerness Festival


Designed by contemporary artist Chris Levine (who is best known for his holographic portraits of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Dalai Lama, Grace Jones and Kate Moss, to name but a few of the famous faces that have sat for him…) in collaboration with Marco Perry & The Mighty Monks, the Saturday Night Spectacle leveraged the power light and sound to amaze and astound the crowds, with a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.


Grace Jones Wilderness Festival


Exploiting the OM frequency from the sacred and geometrical Solfeggio musical scale that correlates to the energy nodes in the body known as the chakras, alongside Levine’s laser light beams, as the crowd tuned-in they transformed, quite literally into part of the artwork.   


“Everything we are and all that we experience and feel is fundamentally to do with energy and the fact that we are beings of nature and light.” Chris Levine