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Following its latest exhibition and first solo show with artist Maddie Rose Hills, Hayley Leaver from Waterfront Magazine caught up with Loughran Gallery to find out what we should be adding to our art collections this year...


Maddie Rose Hills Waterfront Magazine


Initially a roaming gallery existing through pop-up shows in Belgravia, Chelsea and Notting Hill, Loughran Gallery has become a key player in the contemporary art world, thanks to a rostrum of artists that includes Harland Miller, Dave White and Chris Levine. Founder Juleitte Loughran is behind its passion and success.


She said: “I’ve always loved art from a young age. It was my favorite subject at school, and I used to love going to art galleries or even just hearing about a painting at someone’s home. I remember my Dad once said to me, ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’, that stuck with me and once I went from collecting art to doing the first pop up I was hooked.”


She added: ‘I decided at the very start that I wanted to keep the number of artists I represent relatively small at around 12 to 15, and really believe in every one of them. This has been a constant desire throughout. Today, we work with 15 around artists. This I believe enables me to offer clients great contemporary art in a very relaxed and welcoming environment.”


Instead of viewing art through the eyes of what may feel relevant today, Juliette and her team are more concerned with artists of longevity, who speak their own unique language and consider subject matters that will resonate in the future. She said: “When building a collection I would always say go with your heart. If you love something I don’t think you can go too wrong.


“For me, purchasing art is quite an emotional thing. I can’t really explain it other than I’ll see something and for whatever reason I feel I have to have it. Sometimes I might be influenced by what’s going on in my life at the time or even the season. I always thought it sounded weird when people said that art speaks to them but it’s really true.”


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Finding someone to work with who you trust can also be key to building your perfect art collection. Juliette said: “I always thought that wasn’t necessary but they will have access to works that don’t make it onto the market, so once you’ve built up a relationship you can really work together and benefit this.”


“One of my most exciting jobs was putting a particular collection together for a client who I have similar tastes to. It was supposed to be for a holiday home but he loved it so much he ended up moving some of his existing collection to the holiday home and putting the majority of new works in his actual home. I felt that was a real compliment.”


It is the team’s belief that art should be collected with both mind and heart, coupled with their in-depth knowledge, that has seen them work with a number of White Cube regulars and renowned international artists such as Charlie Barton, Corinne Dalle-Ore, Dale vN Marshall, Frèdèrique Morrel, Jessica Zoob and Piers Bourke.


Juliette said: ‘The contemporary art world is such a huge market that I think there’s plenty of room for everyone. I love the fact we move around and keep it interesting rather than be in one place. Over the next year we’re going to explore different countries, which I’m really excited about. We just launched Maddie Rose Hills’ latest collation of works in Notting Hill. The works are beautiful and I’m really excited about seeing the reaction as this will be her first show with Loughran Gallery.”


She concluded: “Recently, I have really seen movement towards works that lift you, be that in a comical way or just something you have a nostalgic connection with – maybe it’s something to do with the times we are living in.  Art can really change a mood – I always think that fact is very underrated; art therapy is such a huge thing for children but not really recognized in every day life for adults.”