Stamp Collecting with Piers Bourke


We might live in an age of the iPhone, Instagram and the #selfie, but with approximately 20 million collectors worldwide the age old art of stamp collecting remains one of the most popular past times in the world…


Piers Bourke Sen Series Amsterdam


Stamp-savvy celebs Maria Sharapova, The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood, and The Queen are all known for their collections, setting contemporary artist Piers Bourke in good company with his extensive body of stamp inspired artworks. 


Piers Bourke Singapore Amsterdam


“By extracting images and assembling them without regard to the normal external world, I can create environments and spaces that escape logic but retain uniformity.” Piers Bourke


We were delighted to see three of his archival inkjet collages including a highly collectable Lick My Rear edition featuring the face of HRH Queen Elizableth II, making the long journey from his Singapore studio to the Netherlands to join the collection of Piers Bourke stamps at this beautiful house in Amsterdam.


Piers Bourke Lick My Rear Amsterdam


If you’d like to curate your own collection, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected].