A Festival Of Light In London

A flock of fluorescent flamingoes are on the loose in Chinatown, a slew of luminescent sea-saws have seized South Molton Street, and a hoard of brightly coloured umbrellas are floating through Fitzrovia; and it can only mean one thing…world class light festival Lumiere is back in London town!


Lumiere London


Commissioned by the mayor of London and produced by Artichoke (an arts charity and the UK’s leading producer of art in the public domain) the exhibition sees local and international artists claim some of the capitals most iconic structures and take art outside the traditional venue to highlight the way we think and feel about public space.


Among our favourite of the 50 works on show are… 

Be Faithful to Your Dreams by Tracey Emin, whose aspirations shine in blue neon at St James’ Church, Piccadilly 


Be Faithful2 1200X334


The Light of the Spirit Chapter 2 by Patrice Warrener, see Westminster Abbery in a whole new light painted in pink, blue, and yellow laserbeams. 


Lumiere London 5


Waterlicht by Daan Roosegaarde, encounter Grannary Square submerged amongst magical light-waves in a bid to raise awareness of global warming and the resulting rising water levels




Renowned for the rain at this time of year, the Lumiere Light Festival has transformed London into dazzling wonderland where tourists and locals alike will experience the city like never before. So, go down the rabbit hole and bask in the light…but maybe take an umbrella just incase…


Lumiere London 13


Lumiere London 4


Lumiere London 9


Lumiere London 16


Lumiere London 12


Lumiere London 15


Lumiere London 19


Lumiere London 8


Lumiere London 21


Lumiere London 6


Lumiere London 7


Lumiere London 10


Lumiere London 3