Inspired by the supermoon

Responsible for our stable climate and our tides the moon creates a rhythm on earth that has guided human kind for thousands of years, and as the brightest and largest object in our night sky it inherently inspires the human mind. In light of the New Year’s Supermoon we behold the beauty of Charlie Barton’s interstellar oeuvre…


Charlie Barton Supermoon 1


While Charlie refers to many astronomical images to influence her work she is chiefly propelled by her own imagination, with a view to portray the cosmos in a way that science cannot. “The most important thing for me to capture is energy and I’m driven by ideas of death and regeneration” she says.


Chalrie Barton Supermoon 3


Admitting that ‘there’s little planning involved’ Charlie turns to her trusty palette knives and big bristle brushes to lavish thick, luxurious oils across her canvasses and embody the celestial energy of the universe and the matter that connects us.


Charlie Barton Supermoon 4


Why wait for the next super moon, when you can bring it’s magic home with an astronomical artwork by Charlie Barton?


Charlie Barton Cosmos In Home


For more information on the artist or any of her artworks, don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]