Hirst’s Treasure Hunt on Netflix

And for his next trick, Damien Hirst invites you to dive into the Indian Ocean with his team of consultants, ecological experts and divers to uncover the Treasures from The Wreck of The Unbelievable


Hirst Treasures Unbelieveable


Hirst Treasures Netflix


Pitched as a behind-the-scenes style documentary, the full-length Netflix feature extends from his exhibition at the Pinault Collection in Venice last year, plotting the search and rescue of some 190 works which were lost off the coast of East Africa in the first or second century.


Damien Hirst Treasures Wreck Netflix


As it turns out, each barnacle encrusted artifact never actually belonged to Amatan (a freed slave with a penchant for beautiful things) at all, and the statues were made by technicians in Gloucestershire - we suppose the Mickey Mouse sculpture was kind of a giveaway…instead, what Hirst brings us is a compelling existential enquiry.


Damein Hirst Mickey Treasures Netflix


“For me, the whole exhibition is about belief. Belief in the past, belief in god, belief in god’s. Or not believing. And belief is a strange thing, because there is no absolute truth. Artist’s don’t have the answers, scientists don’t have the answers, religion doesn’t have the answers. But somehow collectively, we’ve created some kind of a truth”


Damien Hirst Wreck Unbeliveable Netflix


Damien Hirst Treasures Netflix 2


Unsurprisingly Hirst’s Treasures from The Wreck of The Unbelievable have polarized public opinion, but love it or hate it, Apistos or not, the artist’s commitment to his vision is nothing short of remarkable, and his dedication to inspire the imagination is truly efficacious.


Damien Hirst Treasures Netflix


With incredible cinematography, stunning underwater photography and a musical score to melt the harshest of critics, Damien Hirst’s Netflix original is work of art in itself, and it’s not to be missed!