Inner [Deep] Space: Chris Levine's largest solo exhibition


World leading light artist Chris Levine’s latest exhibition bathed its viewers in light and sound. Alongside lasers and 3D photography, Levine used the healing power of sound to restore equilibrium to the mind in his largest solo exhibition ever. Park Village Studios, one of Regents Park’s most historic venues, played host to this cutting-edge hybrid of art and technology from the 2nd to the 9th of October. 


Chris Levine Stillness At 136 1 Hz At The Signet Library Edinburgh Image Courtesy Of Albie Clarke Ws Society



The Exhibition included an eclectic mix of twenty pieces from light and installation to print. The exhibition was created around Inner [Deep] Space, the title piece: an electro-plated meteorite, from inner (deep) space itself! This multi-disciplinary feast for the senses also included sound by Sacred Acoustics [], a US-based audio laboratory that develops sound in pursuit of personal development and for use with meditation. 



Inner Deep Space 4



 'In modern life we are bombarded with all manner of information and sensory input and we become overloaded; we get sick, tired and numb. Meditation is the key to refuge from the crazy world we live in as we restore balance and become liberated from fear and anxiety. In my work, I’m looking to take people, even momentarily, into a fast-track meditative space, which can be healing and transformative' - Chris Levine, 2018.



This inquiry into self-healing is perhaps what is most beautiful about this spectacular exhibition. Levine looks for ways of coping with the modern world by crafting an artistic expression of the meditative space that exists within the mind, and allowing the public to enter this space and experience ‘calm’. Levine is guided by his lifetime of research and study in philosophy, astronomy, science and spirituality. His work is rooted in connectivity, consciousness and divine cosmic awareness.






The exhibition also included as-yet unseen 3D portraits of Kate Moss (‘She’s Light’) and Naomi Campbell (‘Transcendence’), due to be shown at the new Photography Centre in 2019. The pieces delicately combine technology and fine-art in an exploration of the power of light to truly capture the essence of the subject. As is characteristic of Levine’s work, a stillness and calm permeate the portraits, much like his famed portrait of the Queen, ‘Lightness of Being’. This serenity then ties the portraits into the tranquil atmosphere of the exhibition. 


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A percentage of the sales from Inner [Deep] Space were donated to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Levine had previously donated mulitple pieces in support of the Charity, including ‘Lightness of Being’. Levine explains that 'the breakthrough work of EJAF is something close to my heart after some dear personal losses and it’s an honour and a privilege to be able to support it… Anything I can do as an artist to help, now and into the future, is my compassionate duty.’ Levine pledges his ‘total respect’ for the loving message and vital work carried out by the charity. 


 Chris Levine Lightness Of Being Golden