True Love Always Wins

Tracey Emin True Love Always Wins


Catholics believe that Valentine’s Day commemorates a beheaded roman priest in the third century, others believe that he was sentenced to death because he tried to convert Emperor Claudius to Christianity. One legend tells the tale of a bishop in Italy who healed the blind daughter of a prison guard that he met while in jail for practicing Christianity under pagan rule, and some say he defied a ban on marriage imposed by an Emperor. Although there are multiple legends of St Valentine, whatever your religion or belief, in contemporary culture February 14th has become known as a day to shower those you love with affection; so why not say it with art?


Undeniably cathartic the oeuvre of world renowned, contemporary artist Tracey Emin exists almost as a diary made public, revealing and dealing with deeply personal life events. Amongst the variety of media, she has even used her own body as a medium in performance and self-portraits and her work demonstrates the healing and spiritual aspect of art.


Tracey Emin Valentines Day 2


"I think a lot of the people who have an understanding of my work have an understanding of guttural emotional experiences and cathartic moments within their own life, and so they identify it within my work."


Tracey Emin Valentines Day


The beautiful limited-edition lithograph ‘True Love Always Wins’ was commissioned (rather fittingly, as the Winter Games get underway) as part of a historic tradition to celebrate the spirit of the Olympic Games in 2016. Featuring the iconic statue Christ, The Redeemer it encapsulates optimism and positive energy acting as an inspirational statement of hope and faith for all.


Trcey Emin Valentines Day 3


With her signature scrawl, ‘my print will be telling everyone: True love always wins’ Emin explains; we couldn’t think of a more perfect way to express the sentiment and celebrate the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day.