Artist’s In Residence

Artist’s studios are often clandestine places, unrevealed like the pages of a private diary; these are the spaces where ideas are formed, decisions are made and creativity blooms. We’ve collated a selection of extraordinary images to give you the chance to step behind the scenes, to see the process and peek into the rhythm of our artists studio's...


Maddie Rose Hills

“I love my studio in Beckenham Place Park. I’m one of around ten artists in residence who have our studios inside the Mansion in the middle of the park. The mansion was abandoned for years before Lewisham council decided to turn it into a creative space that could house artists and benefit the community while they decide what to do with it permanently. It’s so dreamy there and the other artists are amazing.”


Maddie Rose Hills Studio 2


Maddie Rose Hills Studio 1


Maddie Rose Hills Studio 3


Dave White

“1985. These are original, for the past 20 years have been the shoes I've painted in. Echoes and memories of past paintings are reflected in them”


Dave White Studio 2


Dave White Studio 6


Dave White Studio 3


Jessica Zoob

“My studio is an extension of my home as I spend so much time there, it is a special place.”


Jessica Zoob Studio 2


Jessica Zoob Studio 1


Jessica Zoob Studio 3


Piers Bourke

“Photography allows me to look at detail that my eye and memory would never be able to record. This is important because I often hear photographers talking about spontaneity to capture their subject, but for me it has to be well considered and taken in a very measured way.”


Piers Bourke Studio 1


Piers Boukre Studio 2


Corinne Dalle Ore

“I work with very loud music; be it Opera, Classic, Pop or Electro... but it has to be very loud.”


Corinne Dalle Ore Studio 2


Corinne Dalle Ore Studio 1


Charlie Barton

“Picasso said “the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”, art pushes us out of our comfort zone & illuminates that which has been hidden from us.”


Charlie Barton Studio 1


Charlie Barton Studio 2


Chris Levine

“The 3D is captured by a stills camera moving along a track in front of the subject. We use approximately 40 frames, shot from left to right, and the images are interlaced together into a single print. When a lenticular lens is placed on top of the seemingly out of focus print, the lens separates the images so the viewer only sees two at any one time. If these two images are what is known as a stereo pair — that is left and right eye views — then the result is a convincing 3D image.”


Chris Levine Studio 1


Chris Levine Studio 4


Chris Levine Studio 5


Chris Levine Studio 2


Chirs Levine Studio 3


Jonathan Yeo

“My grandmother lived in Antibes in a house across from the Picasso Museum. I spent my summer holidays down there and when I was a student and teaching myself to paint, I would go and gather new ideas and come back and try and do what I had seen. He was a very strong and early influence.” 


Jonathan Yeo Studio 3 


Jonathan Yeo Studio 2


Jonathan Yeo Studio 1


Harland Miller

“I guess when I'm in the studio, painting and music inspire me. I listen to a lot of scores, John Barry in particular.”


Harland Miller Studio 2


Harland Miller Studio 3