Hirst's Colour Space in NY


Losing the grid-like logic and circular symmetry synonymous with his Spot Paintings, Damien Hirst’s Colour space works return to his original and antithetical spot painting which dripped and spluttered with an internal friction between what he originally thought of as the coldness of Minimalism and the more emotional Abstract Expressionist painting style he’d grown up with.


Colour Space 3 


‘I originally wanted the Spots to look like they were painted by a human trying to paint like a machine. Colour Space is going back to the human element, so instead you have the fallibility of the human hand in the drips and inconsistencies. There are still no two exact colours that repeat in each painting, which is really important to me. I think of them as cells under a microscope’


Following the unveiling of the series at Houghton Hall in March, where contemporary art spectacularly collided with fairy-tale grandeur in 18th century state rooms, the paintings have re-emerged amidst luxury high-rises in cosmopolitan Chelsea, New York. Providing a strikingly different backdrop for the paintings, we can’t wait to see Hirst’s Colour Space works in this new light…