Hirst's Disney Duo Soar At Auction


With his most recent representation of Disney’s most iconic cartoon appearing as a barnacle-encrusted sculpture at his solo exhibition in Venice last year, Damien Hirst has been manifesting Mickey Mouse in his oeuvre since 2012.


Damien Hirst Mickey And Minnie Auction Blog


Hirst’s original Mickey Mouse painting went on to sell for a whopping £900,000 at a charity auction, which was closely followed by the release of a limited-edition print that entered the market at £3,000 - before famously fetching £37,000 a mere six months later – oh boy!


Needless-to-say that when two more mouse portraits were released – this time with Mickey and Minnie on sparkling glitter backgrounds – the hand-signed (and very) limited editions were hotly anticipated, and the stunning works sold out in record time.


More recently Hirst’s Mickey [Blue Glitter] has been seen bringing down the hammer down at Sotheby’s Curated: Turn It Up Sale in Hong Kong at just over £19,000 (double its original estimate), and at Phillips 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale in London, where Minnie [Pink Glitter] also made an appearance. Both exceeded estimates fetching an impressive £17,500 each.


With an original market price of £6,000 these exquisite limited-edition artworks are clearly in high demand selling at almost triple their original value, making this cartoon couple one to watch.