Buy a masterpiece for 67p!


Acquiring an artwork by Tracey Emin or Grayson Perry would usually set you back thousands, however thanks to a quirky collaboration with Royal Mail you can now pick up a masterpiece from your local post office for as little as 67p – albeit a rather small one…


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That’s right, Royal Mail has collaborated with six world-renowned artists to celebrate the 250th birthday of the Royal Academy, and the series of specially designed stamps by Tracey Emin, Grayson Perry, Yinka Shonibare, Fiona Rae, Norman Ackroyd and Barbara Rae was released earlier this week - and you could snap up the complete commemorative set, and still have change from a tenner! 


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Given more or less free reign – with the proviso that the works wouldn’t push political agenda or offend – the six-stand-alone works are wonderfully diverse, appearing in a multitude of media (digital, collage, oil and photography). For example while Perry’s stamp mirrors his colourful signature style with a plethora of highlights from his own oeuvre, as if interpreted by other artists at the RA’s Summer Exhibition (including a Koons’ balloon sculpture and a Warhol-esque take on his pink motorbike), Shonibare re-imagined an image of a crowd waiting patiently to see a Turner retrospective in 1950 which he originally used for a project at the other end of the scale, where he swathed Burlington Gardens with in archive of images while work took place, and Emin’s  ‘Saying Goodbye’ offers an autobiographical intimacy with a portrait of her dying mother in oil. 


These stunning small-scale artworks will undoubtedly enhance any art collection, you can get yours here