Neil Diamond, Trust Yourself


As you make your way from the stoop into the foyer ‘Trust Yourself', a dazzling electric blue artwork by Tracey Emin, sets the tone for the Diamond’s Manhattan townhouse. Often, we associate neon signs with the darker side of urban culture – illuminating 24h newsagents and strip clubs - however Emin re-appropriates the medium using her own handwriting and heart-felt thoughts and feelings to connect to the soul of the observer. The artwork exists in beautiful symmetry with Diamond’s own life story. Known for stitching narrative and emotion into his consciously autobiographical lyrics, the rapport between collector and artwork is tangible.


Neil Diamond 4


Past the foyer, the muted monochrome pallet envelops the remainder of the property – aside from the jungle-themed Hermes wallpaper in the children’s bedroom. Custom furniture by Marc Cunningham features in multiple rooms and is punctuated by soft furnishings by the home-owners own brand Hill House Home.  


Neil Diamond 3


Neil Diamond 1

Neail Diamond 5


Neil Diamond 2


Images courtesy of Architectural Digest