Five Minutes With...Dave White

Fragile Interview 7


What originally inspired you to start painting animals?

I have always been fascinated by them, their incredible presence, dynamism and form along with colour and texture is something I have been obsessed with since being a child.


What makes this collection different from previous collections?

Fragile is exploring not only the most endangered animals on the planet, but also the fragility of young animals juxtaposed alongside.


Fragile Interview 6


Have you seen these creatures in their natural environment, how did this effect your work?

I recently got to spend a day behind the scenes at Bristol Zoo focussing especially on the Gorillas they have there. It was an incredible day to witness first hand their behaviour up close and inspired my latest silverback works.


What is it, in particular, that makes these animals such a rich source of inspiration for you?

Each Animal has its very own characteristics, presence, pattern, texture and colour and this dictates how I depict them. When one sees them, there is a special moment of eye contact and a bond you share, that is what I’m trying to capture.


Fragile Interview 2


What do you wish people knew about these animals? 

Each year the Critically Endangered species become closer to extinction, with more species added every year, if more isn’t done to protect these incredible creatures we will definitely see extinction in our lifetime. We all have to do more.


Fragile Interview 4


What, if anything, do you hope people will experience viewing this collection? Is there anything in particular you hope they will take away from the experience?

I have very specific intentions that I’d like my work to offer the viewer, however that is for them to decide and comment on.


What is the connection (if any) between contemporary popular culture (eg your work with Nike), and your portraits of animals?

I guess the character and presence of any object or animal I have painted is my goal when depicting them.


Fragile Interview 5


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