New Works: Fragile by Dave White

Dave White Baby Chimp Homepage

We are delighted to announce the release of a new body of works by acclaimed contemporary artist Dave White. His latest collection, entitled ‘Fragile’, captures the development of beloved and endangered species from youth to adulthood. In these vibrant and expressive pieces, White pays an honoured tribute to their majesty, captures their unique beauty and communicates their vulnerability. 


Dave White Lion Cub Homepage


White has a unique ability to capture the humour and strength of the animals while simultaneously conveying their vulnerability. The eyes of his subjects are intensely life-like, they will catch and hold you in their gaze. Yet, the surrounding features twist and curl into almost abstract shapes. White creates unyielding life while alluding to the fragility of these species, as the gently fade into abstraction. In these latest works, the texture and depth of oil paint are brave and striking. up-close the rich pigment so lavishly applied creates an almost abstract painting within the painting. Loose expressionism meets a characterful and emotive authenticity.


Dave White Baby Tiger Homepage


In this series, White has created works that track the development of species from youth to old age. The subjects chosen: Gorillas; Chimpanzees; Pandas; Orangutans and Tigers are all critically endangered. The choice to paint the species as babies and adults impresses upon the viewer the innocence and fragility of these animals at all ages, while at the same time challenging the viewer to expand their instinctive compassion for the young to the equally endangered and fascinating adults.


Dave White Baby Panda Homepage


In this series White’s love and admiration for wildlife, the power and frail beauty, is clear. He uses his platform to inspire viewers to consider the consequences of their actions and nurture wildlife for future generations. White brings the essence of these beautiful creatures into our homes, and so, he reminds us that our decisions here and now impact upon their lives in their shrinking world. His interest in the struggle of survival imbues his work with a powerful and primal quality. This collection takes White’s mastery of paint to the next level. He is able to harness freedom and control creative energy to produce works that are both fluid and vivacious and precise and delicate. The balance reflects the reality of these creatures: they are at once wild and contained.

Dave White Chimpanzee Iii Homepage


White has been capturing the beauty of the natural world since the mid-nineties. He was quickly recognised as an important talent and was chosen to exhibit at Sotheby’s to celebrate the Blue Cross centenary. In 2002 White pioneered the ‘Sneaker Art' movement’ and created his iconic pop art inspired sneaker portraits. This has led to long term collaborations with Nike and Brand Jordan. More recently, his work has been shown in international exhibitions including MTV RE:DEFINE at Goss Michael Foundation (Dallas), New Museum (New York), Centre for Arts (Rotterdam), Art Basel Week (Miami) and Dia Art Centre (New York). This collection is a product of decades of practice, patience and risk-taking. The pieces are quintessentially White, they are stunning examples of his iconic style, as his technique becomes at once more precise and adventurous.