Dreams do Come True: Zoob in London



This summer, acclaimed contemporary British artist Jessica Zoob has taken over two sister art spaces in the centre of London. Spanning 7000sqft, this is Zoob’s biggest display to date. The exhibition opened in May with a joyous evening of champagne and macarons and will continue until late September. This represents an extraordinary opportunity to see Zoob’s monumental large scale pieces in an ideal setting. The stunning spaces, filled with summer light encourage the viewer to lose themselves in her work which is both ethereal and powerful.   



The exhibition ranges across two nearby galleries: 10 Gresham Street and 60 Threadneedle Street. During the private view, the party spilled from one to another. These galleries are the perfect place to view Jessica’s recent pieces. As a viewer, it is a joy to be able to step back and take in a whole painting surrounded by tranquillity and light.  As art curator and host, Vanessa Brady of VJB Arts put it ‘Shimmering golden hues compliment floral notes, created with layers and layers of paint in languid application. Her palette has a distinctly Oriental influence and impressionism is ever underlying, yet Zoob’s work is utterly contemporary in style.’ This is effortlessly portrayed in this beautifully curated show. 


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Jessica Zoob Reckless 1, 2, 3


‘Dreams do Come True’, is an appropriate epitaph for Zoob’s work. The pieces on display appear almost effortless and utterly dreamlike in their beauty. Yet passion and risks precede the art you see. This is the work that Zoob puts in to ensure that her dreams do indeed come true. These fantastical pieces are made real by her bravery and tenacity. Journalist and Author Helen Chislett found herself ‘quite simply blown away by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas, creating whole domains of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside our own psyche.’ These pieces are Zoob’s dreams made real.





Jessica Zoob states ‘I am deeply passionate about capturing beauty and creating happiness’. This is instantly clear as you enter these gorgeous gallery spaces. Zoob has long been inspired by the light and beauty of the Sussex countryside. However, her ‘dream state’ creations have recently taken on a more graphic, edgier side since Zoob began to split her time between the UK and Hong Kong. The pieces on display span between the most peaceful of landscapes, to more startling and bold abstract pieces, lit by flashes of neon. Yet, across this exciting range, her iconic mastery of chaotic colour and texture abounds. As she says ‘“I do not usually intend the paintings to be figurative, but they are often completed and given meaning by the viewer’s imagination. I may be inspired by a storm, a mountain, or a love affair, or possibly all three.”



Zoob has recently set up a second studio in Hong Kong. If you are unable to visit this large scale show, the jewel-bright miniatures that she has been creating in Asia will be shown at her Sussex Studio on the 21st and 22nd of September 2019. Check out her website to keep up to date with this exciting new development!