Love is in the air with Piers Bourke


Selfie Love is the newest series to come out of the Piers Bourke studio in London. We caught up with the artist to find out where its inspiration came from and if he’s a hopeless romantic this Valentine’s Day.


Piers Bourke Studio


What inspired this series of works?


Piers says: “I created these works after reading an article about how we all need to love ourselves more to gain success and happiness in our lives. I took this idea literally and created the work using only my signature stamp – the hallmark of all my work.”


What’s currently your favourite piece and why?


“My new Twisted Orange Fan piece. I set out in my mind to create something but the end result was very different in a very surprising and exciting way.”


Has your return to London influenced your work?


“Absolutely. I realised from looking at my work during the time I was away that a lot of my work was monochrome and quite dark. I have started to address this by bringing more colour back into it to keep the process moving forward.” 


How do you like to work?


“I am not good in silence, so I always need the radio or some white noise. I like watching or listening to movies and box sets that I have seen before so there is no need to concentrate on what’s going on."


Your work uses a combination of techniques from digital printing to painting and collage, what’s your favourite medium?


“Definitely painting. Painting is the purest form of what I do. Collage and digital printing are more methodical and require planning. Once I get painting I never get bored of the possibilities. I find with the other techniques the outcome is more predictable.


“Having said that, I have slightly contradicted myself with my answer to my favourite piece above, but that was definitely a one-off!”


Would you consider yourself a romantic? 


“Yes, I think so… I’m not sure what my wife would say though!”


What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done?


“I once lit hundreds of tea-light candles in our house on our wedding anniversary to surprise my wife when she came home from work. The only issue was that I hadn’t factored in how hot it would be – they had to be blown out quite quickly.”



Piers Bourke Selfie Love 2


Piers Bourke Selfie Love 4


Piers Bourke, Selfie Love


Unique hand finished giclée print on Hahnemuhle German etched paper with powder pigment acrylic and ink. Available in four colours.